Could Oxygen Be Bad For You?

Could Oxygen Be BAD for You? 3 minutes. That’s the amount of time the average person can live without oxygen. Yet what happens when this vital element becomes bad for you? In this guidebook, we’ll explore why people fall sick easily and how oxygen contributes to our weakened immune system. If you feel your body […]

New start, new blog

Hi Everyone!   After a few years of consuming and sharing Super Lutein and Izumio, I realised that many people do not know the importance of health food products. Therefore, I’ve decided to start this blog to share some of my own personal experience and knowledge about the Nutrients of these 2 health food products […]

Causes of illness and aging

Hi everyone! Have you ever wondered why we age and fall sick? Why we actually get illness and diseases? Why our face starts to form wrinkles and sag? These are actually due to free radicals. Free radicals exist in our body but in low amount and plays an important role in many normal cellular processes. […]

Growing Healthcare needs in Philippines

Hi all, With the recent news that our company will be opening a salon in Philippines, I thought I will take this chance to share with everyone of the huge market opportunity there is to do this business in Philippines. Before I explain on the business aspect, let me share some statistics about Philippines. Philippines — an emerging and […]

Difference Between Hydrogen and Hydrogen Peroxide

Hi Everyone. There have been many questions and confusion around Hydrogen and Hydrogen Peroxide, and I thought of summarizing their differences as follows… Hydrogen Peroxide: chemical compound with the formula H2O2. Kills disease organisms by oxidation, hence acting as a mild antiseptic Works by releasing oxygen when it is applied to the affected area and the release […]

Air Pollution from daily sources ‘also a health risk’ – CNA

Recent haze condition in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia has made many to be cautious of the air we breathe. We lessen the number of outdoor activities, wear mask when we are outdoors, installing air purifiers at home, etc.. However, do you know that in our normal daily life (even without the haze), the everyday air we […]

What you need to know about Diabetic Retinopathy

Many diabetics in Singapore at risk of going blind: Study In this straits time article, it states that ” Diabetics Retinopathy is the top causes of blindness in Singapore. Nine in 10 of those who did not know they had DR were aware they were diabetic, with most receiving treatment for diabetes.” You can find […]

Here’s 5 points you should know about eye problems

Last weekend, I attended a talk by Dr Zena Lim who is an eye specialist. The talk was very informative and I had learnt many from her. However, I will just summarise and share the important points with you guys. #1 There are many causes of red eyes – which includes Conjunctivitis (infective vs allergic), […]