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About the Founder, Alvin Lee

I was a normal person like others who love playing sports and having fun. It all changed 3 year ago where I suddenly suffered from slipped disc and at the same time, I have sleeping problem (mild sleep walking). The slipped disc affected my ability to play sports while the sleeping problem affected my overall health and mind because I wasn’t getting enough rest and thus, I couldn’t concentrate well during the day. I realized that although I am young, I am prone to illness.

I went online searching for solution to ease my sleeping disorder but nothing helps until my friend introduced me to take Super Lutein & Izumio. One of the ingredients in Super Lutein is good for relaxing the body and improving sleeping condition while Izumio is good for relieving joint pain. After taking, I felt my health improving – no more severe back pain and less sleep walking movements.

About Alces

Core Values

1. Be honest and reliable with customer and business associates

2. To provide quality and efficient advice to customer and business associates

3. Do what we love , Love what we do

Our Unique Health Advantage

  1. We are an authorised distributor of Naturally Plus Singapore since 2012
  2. We are globally recognised and have received multiple acclaimed awards
  3. We are holding a H2 (Hydrogen) Professional certification issued by renown Molecular Hydrogen Institute to individuals who have Profound knowledge on Hydrogen

Naturally Plus

Our Unique Health Advantage

As we are closely associated with Naturally Plus, we are constantly invited to health seminars by renowned medical experts and doctors. This gives us the opportunity to meet, connect, and learn from these experts not just on our products but also the products in the industry.

We’ll be bringing you interviews with some of these medical experts on this website.