Air Pollution from daily sources ‘also a health risk’ – CNA

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Recent haze condition in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia has made many to be cautious of the air we breathe. We lessen the number of outdoor activities, wear mask when we are outdoors, installing air purifiers at home, etc..

However, do you know that in our normal daily life (even without the haze), the everyday air we breathe in, is also a health risk?

According to Channel News Asia Article, air particles from road traffic (vehicles and public transport), constructions, factories, etc, are harmful to our bodies. With more “bad” air that we breathe in, this means that more free radicals goes into our body and may lead to serious health problems, especially those with pre-existing health conditions.

This is not a situation only for Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia. But it applies to all developing and developed countries. Air pollution is unavoidable in today’s society.

However, apart from those common actions (as per my 1st sentence) done to minimize intake of air pollutants, there are other healthier means to avoid getting sick. And that is by starting from your inner body. Naturally Plus’s Super Lutein and Izumio have strong antioxidant that can fight against these free radicals. When you have sufficient antioxidant in your body, you are less likely to fall sick so you are building up your body’s immune system now.

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