Antioxidant Supplements


Now we have antioxidant supplements in our hands to fight back against Free Radicals. The antioxidant molecules found in the antioxidant supplements can help to inhibit the oxidation of other molecules, and this reduces the amount of free radicals in our body.

Many of the diseases that affect us today are a result of oxidation.

When our bodies breathe in oxygen, there are chances that the oxygen atom will be missing one electron from the pair, and thus a byproduct is created…

FREE Radicals

What causes free radicals?

Free radicals are the main causes of human aging and illness. The causes of free radicals production in our body are mostly due to drug abuse, food contamination, radiation, water & air pollution, fried/barbecue/processed food, excessive exercise, stress, smoking and alcoholism.

How Can Antioxidant Supplments Help?

When excessive oxidation occurs for prolonged periods, it can take a toll in our body system. Changes occur in cells which include damage to fatty acids, inactivation of enzymes, deterioration of cell membranes, breakdown of proteins, and damage to the DNA which result in cancer, diseases and premature aging. Over the past few years, scientific evidence has slowly accumulated indicating that taking antioxidant supplements could potentially reduce the risk of certain illnesses and maintain brain health.

Sufficient evidence has accumulated on the benefits of antioxidants that one should not casually dismiss their potential in improving quality of life and slowing the progression of certain chronic degenerative disorders.

Benefit of Antioxidant supplements – What Can Antioxidants Do for You?

As a rule, you are not likely to notice any immediate cognitive benefits from taking the antioxidant supplements. Therefore, do not expect any dramatic changes in mood, energy, alertness, and memory. Antioxidant supplements can be compared to health insurance. You pay your monthly fee but don’t often get the benefits until years later when you need a hospital bill paid. Antioxidant supplements serve to protect your brain cells, proteins, and DNA from the gradual damage that occurs with the aging process.

And in 1999 a team of scientist came up with a Japanese Formula, giving you a rich of Antioxidants for your whole body…

Allow us to introduce to you the results of their research that strengthens and protects our bodies.

Super Lutein - Six Key Carotenoids

Carotenoid has antioxidant effect and our bodies require six key types of carotenoids to perform and function well.

But these six key carotenoids found in this antioxidant supplement cannot be produced by the human body and this is where Super Lutein comes in to provide these important nutrients that we need.

Izumio – Hydrogen water

Hydrogen water is a strong antioxidant with high reduction potential to neutralize and prevent the harmful oxidative effects of free radicals.

This antioxidant supplements has the highest concentration of dissolved hydrogen gas with minerals in a drink.

As a drinking water, it is easy to consume yet the nutrients our bodies receive purifies toxins, hydrates the cells and improves our vitality.

Super Lutein Mirtoplus – With Stronger Antioxidant Effect

The latest in Japanese technology presents a combination of 2 active antioxidant ingredients to give you even more energy and protection in this antioxidant supplements.

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