Everyone knows that Free radicals are bad, but do you know that there are different types of Free radicals?

We all know that free radicals are very dangerous for the human body. The reason is that they will combine with the normal ions that are necessary for the body and will be converted into a toxic agent. There are some other free radicals that can attack the normal cells on their own and cases the degeneration process. Most of the people have heard the name free radical but they do not know that there are different types of free radicals available in the human body. Here we have mentioned some of the types you should be concerned about.

OH free radical

It is the most common and the most destructive type of free radical that is found in the human body. The radical is often created because of water. The reason is that the hydrogen in the water is consumed before our body can take up the oxygen that leads to the formation of the free radical. It is dangerous because it can lead to cellular death and many other side effects in the body. We cannot control the production of this free radical but with the increase of hydrogen gas in the body it can be converted into water that would be used by the human body.

Ozone free radical

You might have been amazed that how the ozone can get into our body. Here are some of the things you have to consider about ozone.

  • When the concentration of singlet oxygen free radicals is increase in the body it often leads to the formation of the ozone radical
  • It is often produced by the assimilation of fats. This is the reason that doctors often advise we should consume all the nutrients according to recommended quantity.
  • If the ozone radical increase the normal limits it can be very dangerous. This is the reason you should maintain a healthy diet to subside this level of ozone.

NO/Nitrogen monoxide free radical

In men, NO2 is very important because it is responsible for their ejection. However. If the gas is not produced in the required limit it might be converted into NO. This NO is very dangerous for the human body because it can lead to many destruction reactions. However, its level can be controlled with the help of oxygen that comes with water. There are many other types of free radicals that are produced in the human body.

Bottom line

Most of the people are looking for a way to stop the formation of free radicals in their body. They do not know that it is a natural process that is supposed to happen in the body. Free radicals are produced because of the food that we consume. However, with the help of Izumio – Hydrogen water the reactive ability of the free radicals in the body can be controlled. So make sure that you include the hydrogen water in your diet for better health.

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