Growing Healthcare needs in Philippines

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Hi all,

With the recent news that our company will be opening a salon in Philippines, I thought I will take this chance to share with everyone of the huge market opportunity there is to do this business in Philippines. Before I explain on the business aspect, let me share some statistics about Philippines.

Philippines — an emerging and rapidly growing country in Asia, consists of 7,107 islands with a total land area of 300,000 square kilometers.  According to the Commission on Population (POPCOM) of the Philippines, the estimated total population of the Philippines as of January 1, 2015 is 100,730,309, ranking it as the 12th most populated countries in the world.

However, like any other countries, even as healthcare amenities has improved greatly over the years, one thing we cannot avoid is sickness/death. Let us now look at the top causes of death in Philippines.

From the chart above, you will notice that the top 6 causes of death are caused by some form of illness (#7 is due to external reasons). The reason why we fall sick is due to free radicals (active oxygen) that damaged our DNA cells. (I’ve talked about it in my previous post, you can read it here)

Free radicals production can be caused by various factors including the food we intake, the air we breathe, exposure to radiation from mobile phones and laptops, stress that we face everyday. While many of these factors are inevitable, we can actually reduce the risk of getting such diseases by taking the right food. And right food means a variety of fruits and vegetables – 7 different colours and 7 portion. Think about it… Did you consume 7 portion and 7 different colours of fruits and vegetables today? It is very hard to do so with the kind of lifestyle we have today.

Here comes the perfect solution. Naturally Plus’s Super Lutein! Super lutein consist all the different colours and types of fruits and vegetables. We call it Carotenoids. A single product that can replenish the important nutrient that your body needs. How simple.

Now, would you like to eat this product free for a lifetime? What if I tell you that this is absolutely possible? Or perhaps getting some additional income and even building a whole business network? All these are possible with the power of sharing.

With no sales target, you do not have to worry about the pressure to meet the target. With just a simple action, you’ll find that the power of “Sharing” is huge. Share with your families and friends and they do the same.

With such a large population and dynamic in Philippines, there is so much market opportunities to start this business there. If you keen to find out more about this business opportunity, please contact me at +6582883224 or drop me an email at You can also facebook message me on our facebook page It doesn’t matter which country you are in, as this business is open for all.

Don’t lose out this big opportunity that can change your life for the better!



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