How Long Do I Need to Take a Nutritional Supplement?

by Dr. Julian Whitaker

If you’re taking a daily multi and any nutritional supplement for general health, plan on taking them indefinitely. Their purpose is to engender health and prevent disease.

Nutritional supplements taken to address specific conditions are also safe and prudent for daily use until your condition improves. At that point, you may discontinue or reduce your dose.

For example, if you’ve been injured and you’re taking high-dose fish oil and herbal supplements to help relieve pain and inflammation, you may stop them once the healing process is well under way. But if your symptoms are caused by a chronic condition like arthritis, you may need to stick with your nutritional supplement over the long-term.

Whatever you do, please give a new nutritional supplement a three to four month trial before deciding that it’s not for you.

I’ll often hear people say that a nutritional supplement didn’t work for them. When I ask how long they took it, they’ll say, “One month.” That’s not enough time for many nutritional supplements to show benefits. These are not drugs that can lower blood sugar or blood pressure in an hour, but natural agents that supply your body with the nutrients it needs for normal function. It isn’t an overnight process, but three to four months will be enough time for you to know if you’re going to realize optimal benefits with a certain nutritional supplement.

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