Insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables globally

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People around the world are consuming insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables.

Some of the world’s most widespread and debilitating nutritional disorders, including birth defects, mental and physical retardation, weakened immune systems, blindness, and even death, are caused by diets lacking in vitamins and minerals (commonly referred to as “micronutrients”). Low fruits and vegetables intake is a major contributing factor to such micronutrient deficiencies.

Singapore – more than half of the population eats less than 2 portion daily.
Malaysia – Average daily intake of fruits and vegetable are only 1.5 servings
Indonesia – Only 6.4% of its population consumes sufficient fruits and vegetables
Taiwan – 80% of people in the nation do not get the recommended daily dose of fruit and vegetables
USA – Approximately 81% did not meet fruits and vegetables intake recommendations
Europe – More than half of European countries consumes lower than the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables

Research shows nine or ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day is optimal, but dietary guidelines tend to recommend a minimum of at least five servings a day.

What about you? Are you consuming the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables everyday?

There are various reasons why different populations tend to shy away from fruits and vegetables — cost, convenience, taste, lifestyle and stigma, etc..

But if it due to convenience / time / taste & preference, Super Lutein, with just 3 capsules daily, provides you with the daily required fruits and vegetables. With it’s 6 major carotenoids and 5 added nutrients, it gives you a balance diet and nutrients that your body need.

It’s that simple. You don’t have you fret about buying and preparing all kinds and types of fruits and vegetables daily.

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