With a new antioxidant ingredient made by combining French maritime pine bark extract and standardized bilberry extract to form Mirtogenol. SUPER LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS combines Mirtogenol with SUPER LUTEIN’s golden formula of carotenoids.

Made possible by the extensive research and development of Naturally Plus.


Introduced in Sept 2012, Mirtogenol® is a new antioxidant ingredient from the combination of 2 active nutritional ingredients of:

1. Pycnogenol®
2. Mirtoselect™


Calories : 12.1kcal
Protein : 0.30 g
Fat : 1.0 g
Carbohydrate : 0.3 g
Sodium : 0~3.0 mg


We are continuously improving our competitive advantage by upgrading the ingredients within Super Lutein. The 6th Generation of Super Lutein – MIRTOPLUS, comes with 2 added ingredients <Pycnogenol> and <Mirtoselect>.

What Happens When You Combine 2 Antioxidants: SUPER LUTEIN golden formula and Mirtogenol®

Because that’s what we’re doing with Mirtoplus which retains the powerful 6 carotenoids golden formula of Super Lutein and adding Mirtogenol® into the picture

By the combination of 2 antioxidant ingredients, Lutein and Mirtogenol®…

Lutein and Mirtogenol® are both antioxidants, but have different characteristics. The combination of fat-soluble lutein and water-soluble Mirtogenol® in SUPER LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS produces a synergy which boosts their antioxidant power to a whole level by 3.2 times.

Carotenoids are pigment compounds that are brightly coloured, such as yellow, red, and orange. They can be found in colourful vegetables and fruits that are good for health. We know that our bodies do not produce the carotenoids found in colourful vegetables and fruits. Which is why we need a health supplement to keep our nutrients in check for us. SUPER LUTEIN contains a well-balanced blend of 6 carotenoids—the golden combination. This golden combination is wholly preserved in the SUPER LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS formula, which also has added Mirtogenol®, a renowned antioxidant.

You now have the solution to resist free radicals and discover even more energy your body holds.

We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Product Usage FAQ

You are recommended to consume 4 capsules a day, with cool or warm water. There is no fixed way of consumption. You may consume SUPER LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS at any time of the day, at your convenience.

Anyone with the ability to swallow the capsules can consume SUPER LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS. Please swallow carefully. As 4 capsules a day is the recommended intake for adults, a child may consume half or a quarter of that.

The best before/expiry date is one year from the date of manufacture and is indicated on the carton. However, you are advised to consume IZUMIO as soon as possible as its hydrogen content gradually decreases over time.

Yes, provided the recommended intake of 4 capsules a day is not exceeded. However, should you have further concerns, please consult your regular doctor for more clarification.

Yes. The ingredients in SUPER LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS are not known to react adversely with medicine. However, should you have further concerns, please consult your regular doctor or pharmacist for more clarification.

SUPER LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS contains pine bark extract (Pycnogenol®). There have been no reports of allergic reactions to Pycnogenol®. However, should you have further concerns, please consult your regular doctor for more clarification.

Product FAq

The capsules are made of gelatine and glycerine, the same as for SUPER LUTEIN capsules.

Yes. Like SUPER LUTEIN, SUPER LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS contains vitamin A (β-carotene), which is labelled with nutrient function claims.

One capsule weighs 460mg (300mg content + 160mg capsule).

SUPER LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS is not a patented product. However, the ingredient lutein is obtained through a patented extraction method.

Store it in a cool, dry place away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.

Kept unopened, the shelf life is 2 years after the date of manufacture.

The daily intake is 4 capsules, and the capsules are oval in shape.

Apart from the additional Mirtogenol®, all the ingredients in SUPER LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS are the same as those in SUPER LUTEIN.

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