What is Healing Crisis? – Symptoms to note

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Healing crisis, or some may also call it – healing reaction, is a temporary worsening of symptoms that occurs when the body is going through the process of healing itself through detoxifying.

This reaction is temporary and it is the path to better health.

Healing crisis usually lasts for a few days, but for some people, it may extend to a much longer period (even weeks or months). The period varies and is dependent on individual’s body conditions.

A healing crisis is generally initiated by some type of cleanse or detox process, such as a dietary change (cultured foods high in probiotics, coconut products), supplements (B12, probiotics, herbs), a detoxifying treatment or therapy (chiropractic care, ozone treatments/therapy, rife treatments/therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, psychotherapy) or a period of fasting.

It occurs when the cells within the body release toxins and impurities faster than the body’s elimination systems (skin, liver, bladder, kidneys and lungs) are able to process them.

During this period, you may experience mild to severe reactions, and can include any (or several) of the following:

Sinuses (drainage), Lungs (cough, bad breath, etc…), Digestive Tract (diarrhea, vomiting, nausea) Kidneys (cloudy or foul smelling urine), Skin (hair loss or skin eruption), Uterus (irregular menstrual cycle), Fluid Retention, Headaches, Dizziness, Heart Palpitations, Fever, Liver Pain, Hemorrhoids, Joints and Muscle Aches, Lower Back Pain, Dimming of Vision, Fatigue, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Cravings for Toxic Foods, Depression and Irritability.

There are also ways to assist the body during a healing reaction. These can include: drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, to help carry off the toxins out of your body and getting sufficient rest and sleep – mentally, physically and emotionally.

When experiencing a Healing Crisis, follow the below 4 steps regime:

  1. Do not panic when you experience a healing crisis. See it as a positive sign of progress (it is!)
  2. Continue with your dietary program
  3. Drink plenty of water (Stay Hydrated!) to flush the toxics out of your body
  4. Have sufficient rest and sleep – your body rejuvenates when you are asleep

In summary: Healing crises are good even though they make you feel bad and uncomfortable, or even scared. They are an sign that the healing process chosen is working. In other terms, detoxification helps with breakdown and removal of diseased cells, and the rebuilding of tissue, with each generation of new cells being a little healthier than its predecessor. It lets you know that you are on the right path to renewed health and vigor. “No pain, no gain” is truly applicable when talking about a healing crisis.

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